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Citizenship, Investment & VISA-FREE Travels

Obtain Citizenship by investment and Travel worldwide through our CBI and Residency program.



Our Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) programs offer you the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality and an alternative or second passport quickly (within 30 to 90 days) and simply, without major disruption to your life. This comes with an advantage to TRAVEL VISA-FREE to over 170 countries.

The process is considerably faster and more straightforward than traditional cumbersome VISA application immigration procedures.

Successfully Processed Second Citizenship Passports

“We have partnered with trusted and reputable authorised government agents in each of these destinations to be able to assist you with achieving your global Citizenship aspirations.”

Who We Are

Canaan immigrations is the immigration unit of Canaan Nominees; a subsidiary of Canaan Solicitors – a commercial law firm established in 1994 with the corporate ideal of quick, efficient and cost-effective business solutions to Nigerian and non-Nigerian communities for the overall benefit of the Nigerian economy.

With full scale offices in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, we are strategically located to cater to the commercial and regulatory needs of our diverse clientele. You can count on Canaan immigrations to simplify emigration law for you.

Furthermore, we work with other top immigration law firms, Citizenship by investment Consultants and Authorised Government Agents around the world to help our clients achieve their goals.



Lifetime citizenship with no requirements.

♦ Children up to the age of 30 and dependent parents up to 55 can be included.


♦ Tax-free, Peaceful and Politically stable nation
♦ Fast and simple application — as short as 45 days
♦ Inexpensive real estate includes everything from choice beachfront properties to entire serene islands.


♦ No income tax on your worldwide investments.

♦ Citizenship to PARENTS OF ANY AGE as long as they are dependent.
VISA-FREE ACCESS to RUSSIA and CHINA, as well as being the only CBI (Caribbean Basin Initiative) to be part of the United States E-2 treaty program.


TRAVEL VISA-FREE to over 170 countries.
FREE EDUCATION FOR YOUR CHILDREN up to Masters degree level.
FREE HEALTHCARE for your family.


♦ No income tax to pay on your worldwide income (including wealth or inheritance taxes)

♦ Dependent children up to the age of 30 years old can be included under family application
♦ Dependent parents can be included if over the age of 55 years old
♦ An applicant does not need to visit St. Kitts & Nevis in order to qualify for citizenship, although all applicants are subject to strict due diligence checks.


♦ Best investment value of all the Caribbean citizenship programmes.

♦ It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.
♦ Fastest processing in the Caribbean.
♦ No requirement to travel during application.


♦ No physical residency requirements.
♦ No requirement to travel to Saint Lucia during the application process.
♦ No interview, education or managerial experience required.
♦ No tax on worldwide income.

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